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For the last decades Korea Land & Housing Corporation (LH) performed many important national projects based on excellent manpower and technical skills in land, housing, and urban construction fields. Land & Housing Institute (LHI) established construction management and business promotion strategy so that LH’s major business can be promoted efficiently and strived in the development of technology that supports planning and construction site.

However, it is true that various experiences, technical skills, and know-how's, which were accumulated during LH’s business process, were not properly spread and utilized as socially useful information or data, and also insufficiently contributed to our society relatively. That is why LHI attempts to provide information and develop integrated research of construction and environment technology fields and policy and system related to land, housing, and city with the background of synergy effect from the integration of public enterprise.

As a part of this effort, we came to publish LHI Journal of Land, Housing, and Urban Affairs (LHI Journal), a comprehensive collection of dissertations related to land, housing, and city for the first time in Korea.

In LHI Journal, many research dissertations, which are necessary for creating new land value that satisfies the future, actualizing the residential welfare, establishing a mid-to long-term strategy of land & housing businesses, and especially which is necessary for actualizing green growth that can create future high added-value, will be published to provide a place where creative ideas and information from various fields cab be exchanged.

Furthermore, this journal will become a place where dissertations, published in this journal, will be spread and introduced not only in Korea, but also in the overseas. Also, afterwards, as an international academic journal such as SCI and SSCI, it is aiming to develop into an international professional academic journal that converge and integrate humanities and engineering fields, playing a role of professional journal on land, housing, and urban areas that are widely read internationally.

LHI Journal will provide the space for all experts from Korea and the overseas without discrimination. I hope that experience and theory that could provide sustainable settlement and living condition for human will happen through many submission and participation.

I would like to appreciate Chairman Seong-Kyu Ha and all editorial staffs who worked hard for publishing the journal amidst their busy schedules.

I ask of you for your continuous attention and much participation so that LHI Journal would reform into the comprehensive professional academic journal in land, housing, and urban construction fields.

Soo Sam Kim
Director General
Land and Housing Institute

Journal Introduction On-line Submission