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For the last half of the century, LH has established the pioneering status in the field of national land development as a public corporation that materializes Korea's land, housing, and urban policies. Even in the 21st century that is rapidly changing with various descriptions like knowledge-based society, global era, and information oriented society, creative idea and new technology development are necessary in order to continuously create competitiveness. 

To accomplish this goal and support academic foundation, a professional academic journal,
"LHI Journal of Land, Housing, and Urban Affairs", was published in October, 2010, the first anniversary of LH establishment. The LHI Journal is a comprehensive academic journal that handles all the land area and the soft and hard aspects of the housing area, which are the LH's core business. I hope that this journal will become a place of discussion where all the information of the land and housing areas such as society, economic, policy, and technology are systematically handled and shared.

However, LH Journal rejects simply becoming a compilation of researches in various professional fields. It strives to develop a new area of consilience approach to land and housing areas by pursuing consolidating researches in various academic fields. This is the characteristic of "LHI Journal" and the difference from other academic journals.

Also, LHI Journal strives to provide a place to introduce valuable achievement and know-hows that Korea accumulated in the fields of land and housing, and share academically, not just get satisfied with being an academic journal for Korea alone. So, LHI Journal aims for publication as an international academic journal from the start.

From now on, the editorial staffs will do the best for LHI Journal to take a leap to become an international academic journal in the fields of land and housing.

I hope for much interest and encouragement to newly starting LHI Journal.

Seong Kyu Ha
Editor-in-Chief of LHI Journal