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Contribution Point

■ The authors' number of an article shall be limited to 6 persons.

■ Articles shall be written in English or in Korean.

■ Articles shall be written with a word processor program above the version of Hangul 97 or MS word 2000.

■ The page number of an article shall be limited 10 sheets including figures, tables and pictures under the editorial regulation of LHI Journal considering the presented form.

■ Abstract shall be prepared in both English and Korean limited to 150 to 200 words including outline and result, provided that an English article shall not require Korean abstract. 4 to 6 keywords shall be provided.

■ Terminologies or signs are subject to, if any, the most recent regulation of LHI Journal, otherwise those commonly used in the field shall be used as common as possible.

■ An article shall be submitted through LHI Journal Online Submit System (http://lhij.or.kr) including an article file and an application presented on the system.

■ A submitted article shall be committed to 3 experts for screening.

■ An article shall be submitted by a main author with his/her e-mail address, because the procedure or a guide to present the article is sent by it, and all of authors shall be registered to the LHI Journal Article Contribution System.

■ The articles after screening shall be presented in order to contribution.

■ There is no fee for article screening or publication without a special notice.

■ The 1 copy of the presented article shall be provided for the author freely.

■ The detailed considerations in writing an article are pursuant to the editorial regulation of LHI Journal.